Praise To The Lord (Hymn)

There’s something very powerful about songs that go deep into who God is and his mighty works. Don’t get me wrong, I love worshipping with a simple praise chorus too. But usually at least once in a worship service I place a song that teaches some theology. More often than not, I am going to the hymns for these.

“Praise to the Lord” was written by Joachim Neander, who came out of the old tradition of German Reformers in the 1600’s. And much like Psalm 103 which served as an inspiration, the song goes over many of God’s attributes and works then praises Him for it. Each stanza opens with the same phrase, “Praise to the Lord.”

I recorded myself playing the hymn for anyone who hasn’t heard it or wants to learn…. This is a very simple acoustic version. And there is a little praise Chorus in there borrowed from the “Passion” version. But the verse chords are just a simplified version of the hymn… Hope you enjoy and can learn to play easily…

Praise To The Lord, The Almighty Joachin Neander; additional chorus by Nathan and Christy Nockles

I enjoy this hymn and I’m going to re-introduce it soon!